WAG'n'Play Information

WAG'n'Play is underway with pandemic amendments. Refer to the schedule for details.

Past or currently enrolled students can bring their dog and watch them play and socialize indoors and out. Socializing is a critical life lesson for your dog... they will learn how to play safely and respectfully. Aggressive or overly-shy dogs may not attend these sessions. Inquire with us about the right program to suit your aggressive or overly-shy dog.

$4 for past and current students​

Scheduled every Saturday *first time attendees must contact Shar prior to attending WAGnPlay

All breeds, all ages play from 12pm-1pm, every Saturday (excluding long weekends, Mother's Day & Father's Day) IN THEIR OWN EXCLUSIVE PLAY SPACES!!​

Click here to view the schedule.

CONTACT US to register for any WAGGLES events or classes.