WAGGLES Current & Past Students Workshops & Funshops

Check out our calendar for dates and times for our upcoming workshops.

Email us to inquire about our upcoming workshops and funshops for:

  • Canine Good Neighbour
  • Loose Leash Workshop and Treadmill Training
  • Canine First Aid
  • Games That Train (fetching, dog tricks, etc.)
  • Targeting (dogs learn how to nose and paw target)
  • Stop Jumping Up!
  • Recall (come when called) and Stay (be still until released)
  • Separation Anxiety (Don't Worry! We'll be back soon)
  • Stop Excessive Barking, Destructive Digging and Chewing

WAGnWalk or WAGnPlay Every Saturday (except NOT on long weekends)

2pm - 3pm every Saturday we either go on a group walk (on leash), or we have offleash play at WAGGLES. Click on WAGnPlay or WAGnWalk on our home page.